Translation and localization - customized

At KAKO-localize we work according to the principle that for a translation to be successful, it should be translated into the native language of the translator. This guarantees that the translated text is natural and customized for the target audience.



KAKO-localize offers translations within the creative and technical fields. We translate content concerning marketing, personal and professional development and counselling or economy content as well as software, IT, applications, or construction. Throughout the whole translation process, we cooperate closely with our clients and experts in the field in order to exceed all expectations. Thus, our translations are accurate and linguistically impeccable.

We collaborate with many experts from different fields, allowing us to adjust our offer to the current needs of your company.

Localization and transcreation

The key to a successful translation is to customize it so that it perfectly suits not only the target market, but also the target reader and user. This is our maxim at KAKO-localize.

Software localization makes the end-user’s experience smooth, while retaining all the functionalities of the source version. End-users may feel more confident using software and apps in their native language. As a result, they are more likely to use localized versions.

We translate content with the latest technology, using computer-assisted translation software to facilitate the whole process On clients’ demand, we perform language quality assurance (LQA) and software testing in their cloud systems.

Transcreation is yet another sub-sector of translations, and possibly the most vital in today’s marketing world. This is the creative translation and adaptation of slogans or texts that require background knowledge of the cultural and country specifics. At KAKO-localize we always perform these kinds of translations while maintaining close cooperation with our clients.

We create a few versions of slogans, marketing texts and advertisements, from which we pick the ONE that is fully tailored to your needs.

Proofreading and verification

Proofreading and verification are rooted in the very process of translation. At KAKO-localize we provide linguistic and grammatical verification, while also considering the substance of the translated content.We proofread the content in terms of its fluency, readability, and transparency. For many translation types, the proofreading and verification stages are necessary in order to guarantee the usefulness of the content. This principle particularly applies to printed text, such as leaflets, brochures, catalogues, and manuals. For such formats, making corrections after printing may prove to be extremely expensive.


Aligning ourselves with the maxim of translating exclusively into our native language, we translate mainly from English into Polish.

This principle applies to all translations that are to be published. However, we also translate internal company communications or documents from Polish to English.

On demand, we provide translations between German and Polish and French and Polish.



Words sell. The words that sell are sharp, compelling and at the same time carefully considered and balanced — all tailored for the target audience. We know that catchy, memorable slogans and texts lie at the core of successful marketing. We know that short deadlines and quick turnarounds are crucial in this business. We also know that each and every one of our clients wants to be listened to. So, before commencing a translation project, we encourage them to share any terminology used in their company. We adjust the translated text to your requirements and style, creating beautiful, consistent marketing materials that will contribute to the success of your company.

Personal and professional development

Besides our passion for words, at KAKO-localize we are interested in learning, coaching and personal and professional development. We translate texts, books, reports and training materials for foundations and associations. Bearing in mind that the translated documents are further utilized as training materials, we treat them with due care, translating them meticulously and clearly and conveying the expertise they include. We often work as part of a  bigger team of translators, collaborating via Google Docs and client servers.


Does your company need the translation of entire documents or reports, or maybe you require shorter translations of memos to be published on your company website or Facebook account? At KAKO-localize we fully understand how to deal with different volumes of economic texts so that they work perfectly in the target environment.


If the field in which you need to have your content translated is not described above, contact us. We can discuss our cooperation and create the perfect translation to meet all your requirements.


At KAKO-localize we use a  wide range of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools.

SDL Trados Studio (2019). This provides advanced functions for editing and managing projects, creating term bases and lexicons that can be reused in future translations. This means that working on similar projects is easier and quicker, and the content itself is consistent and of the highest quality.

We also use MemoQ software and, on demand, we can work with any CAT software of the client’s choice, including SLD Passolo, Across, WordFast, Omega. 



How much will my translation cost?

The price of a translation depends on the project. To provide a precise quote for a translation, we follow the principles listed below:
  • We quote based on the quantity of words, not characters, in the source text.
  • We do not charge extra for tight deadlines.

What formats do you work with?

Adobe, Microsoft Office, and WWW formats (HTML, scripts, etc.). On request, we are able to work with any tool and in any format.

What language pairs do you work in?

Content to be published is translated from English into Polish. If needed, we can translate into English. This is mainly for texts used within your organization. On demand, we can provide translations from French and German.


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